We are a YYC food truck serving fresh pressed juice, super food smoothies, and healthy food options. Our vibrant truck is a reflection of our mission to offer the highest quality ingredients available with no added preservatives or sugars. Handmade with you in mind, we are committed to making healthy choices easier and tastier.

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logoFresh Pressed

Our slow pressed juicer runs at a low speed to preserve the most nutrients out of our ingredients. The slow process adds minimal heat, which enables you to receive the most enzymes, vitamins, and minerals in your juice.

logoOur Ingredients

All of our raw fruits and vegetables are sourced from trusted suppliers. We take pride in producing our fresh pressed juices. All of our smoothies are a delicious blend of superfood ingredients and nutritious fruits and vegetables that are made to order.

logoBalanced Lifestyle

Regardless of your current lifestyle or health goals, we believe that maintaining a balanced lifestyle is imperative. Consistency is important but you’re only human and so are we. You don’t need to be a fitness guru or health nut to reap the benefits. Just forgive yourself and stay balanced, or as we like to say - Get It Shawty.

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